RELATIONSHIPS… We seek them, they bring us our greatest joys and sometimes cause us pain.

CHALLENGING BEHAVIOR from a child or spouce can be a major source of stress and difficulty for even the closet couple and cause major disruptions in a relationship/family.

Joe Clem is committed to helping you through these difficult, life defining events/issues.

Joe is a licensed Marriage and family therapist and a licensed Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in New York State. This combination, gives him a unique perspective from which to help you understand the emotional elements affecting your relationship while addressing the function based behavioral issues needed to assist you to create a life you love.

Joe provides Individual, Couple and Family Therapy. He specializes in Couples Coaching and transforming difficult children through the science of Applied Behavior Analysis assisted with the Nurtured Heart Approach and Positive Psychology, as well as increasing the success and joy you experience in all relationships in your life. From the core of you flows all Potential, Glory, Hope, Joy AND your ability to better the people and circumstances around you. Let Joe assist you to discover or re-discover YOU,YOUR FAMILY, YOUR DESIRE, YOUR MISSION, YOUR JOY!!

Joe also works with: Anxiety, Depression, Building Self Esteem/Identity and Grief and Loss concerns.

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